“We Know Ramona”

There are many challenges we encounter with real estate in Ramona.  Many “down the hill” agents have never run into our situations and simply don’t know what to do with them.  Here’s a few that can stump other agents.

  • Property has water only from neighboring well
  • Who to call and what to test on a water well
  • Easements – Who has access and what are they for. How to see them on the Title Report
  • Septic – what it is, how to test, who to call, will it perk
  • Zoning – What can you have on your property ie. animals, crops etc.
  • Where are my property lines?
  • Building sprinklers or not? Well Storage tank or not?

Some Listing Suggestions

PRICE IT RIGHT!! Listen to your Real Estate Professional. In the current market, there are far too many homes to choose from on any given day for buyers to waste much time looking at the home the seller has priced to “see what happens”. What is going to happen is that house will sit. If you are facing a “Short Sale” situation, talk to your lender too. Pricing it higher than the market will allow is not going to help you move your property.

If you have your home priced correctly, the next thing it to be sure it shows well. CLEAN IT UP! Make sure you home is easy to show. Be ready for a buyer to come by your home at just about any time. Of course there are situations that warrant an appointment but in order to get your home shown as often as possible, keep those situations to a minimum.

If you are in the market to purchase a new home in this market you will want the advise and guidance of a Real Estate Professional. You will want to find a suitable home at the best terms you can. An RREA member or Affiliate member will know how to guide you through this process.

Ramona Real Estate Association Members and Affiliates know the Ramona Real Estate market. Most of them have been through challenging markets in the past and will be able to advise you of all the options available.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your Ramona property, be sure to talk to a Ramona Real Estate Association Member or Affiliate first. Click links below for a list of all:

We Know Ramona…  Let us help you with your next real estate transaction.

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